We Make a Difference Together – Teeing Up Hope for Phoenix Children’s at Layton’s Annual Golf Tournament

We are proud to announce our support for Layton’s Golf Tournament benefiting Phoenix Children’s, a remarkable event that has driven Layton’s mission forward and raised over $291,000 for a great cause.

Our collective efforts, combined with those of other dedicated individuals, have propelled Layton’s mission forward, making a substantial impact on the lives of children at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The Layton Golf Tournament successfully brought together 240 golf enthusiasts who shared a common goal – supporting the Phoenix Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

Our annual contribution ensures that Phoenix Children’s patients and their families have access to the best and most innovative treatments and cures. This collaborative effort reflects our commitment to making a lasting impact on pediatric healthcare.

Joining Layton on this course has been a gratifying experience, showcasing the power of collaboration and shared commitment. The success of the Layton Golf Tournament emphasizes the positive change that can be achieved when like-minded individuals come together for a common cause.

We are excited about future opportunities to ‘tee up’ together for the health and well-being of children and grateful to have been a part of previous ones. The impact of our collective efforts goes beyond monetary contributions; it extends to fostering hope, providing support, and ensuring a brighter future for those who need it most.

We extend our gratitude to Layton and all participants for their dedication to this cause. Together, we have laid the foundation for continued collaboration and positive change in the realm of pediatric healthcare.